The Essential Guide to Epic Jewelry Design

Incorporating all the elements of design properly into your pieces can be overwhelming, even for the more experienced designer. In The Essential Guide to Epic Jewelry Design, artist and teacher Tish Pollack shares the tips and tools of the jewelry-design trade gleaned from her more than twenty years of experience in the field. She covers the key elements of design—color, texture, materials, size, and shape—in detail in a straightforward, understandable way. She demonstrates how to achieve color harmony through a comprehensive explanation of fifteen different color schemes with examples of her work.

Other highlights include:

  • the historical and cultural significance of jewelry through the years
  • explanations and examples of the most popular jewelry symbols
  • the healing properties, meanings and other characteristics of gemstones
  • in-depth descriptions of her favorite beads and metal materials and how to source them affordably and effectively
  • the innovative use of fabric, fiber & repurposed objects
  • invaluable charts, graphics and photo examples to assist designers in creating epic jewelry, and more!

The book culminates with a step-by-step account of Tish’s design approach for some of her signature pieces and how-to instructions for her favorite projects.

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